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On birds Fairtrade and sustainability

I started Cafeology just over 10 years ago.    My inspiration for the business came during a trip to a coffee roaster in Holland, where I was introduced to the Max Havelaar Foundation – an organisation that licenses the use of the Fairtrade Certification mark on products in the Netherlands. This piqued my interest in starting a company with similar ethics in the UK, and so Fairtrade formed part of Cafeology’s foundations.

The Cooperative confirms its commitment to Fairtrade

Last Saturday, I travelled to Manchester to attend the Co-operative Group’s Annual General Meeting, the first one in its history to be held under a one-member-one-vote system.

A vote for Fair Trade

With the General Election imminent, the outcome remains highly uncertain. What could we expect from a new government from Fairtrade’s point of view? Campaigners have been attending hustings and asking questions on doorsteps across the UK, asking that whoever is in Downing Street, the concerns of Fairtrade farmers and workers will be at the top of the agenda.

An open letter to the new UK Government

Dear Prime Minister, A new Government is always an opportunity to build brave new ideas about making our society and our world a better, fairer and more sustainable place to live.

Transforming lives, setting trends

Interview with Safia Minney, founder and CEO of People Tree.

Enabling African entrepreneurs to build a better future

A Comic Relief funded partnership between Fairtrade Africa and Shared Interest Foundation is providing vital access to finance for farmers and handcraft makers in Africa.

Meet Kady Waylie this International Women’s Day

Kady is one of West Africa’s 10 million cotton farmers. She and her family grow their own food, but their cash comes from growing cotton.

Get your Fairtrade tee this Red Nose Day

My small son announced breathlessly yesterday when I collected him from school, “it’s Red Nose Day soon Mummy, I can’t wait!” We were both excited, each for different reasons. He because of the appealing crimson character noses that he can collect this week. I because of the stylish range of T-shirts designed by some of the biggest names in British fashion which are now on sale in TK Maxx and modelled by a long list of celebrity names including David Gandy and Tom Hiddleston.

Making gender equality in supply chains business as usual

As we approach International Women’s Day, some might question whether we still need an official day to champion women's rights and celebrate their achievements.  But while businesses are likely to have addressed the issue of equal rights for their employees,  most organisations still have some work to do to ensure that gender equality extends right along their supply chains.