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The True Cost

While clothing prices hit rock bottom with a T-shirt costing as little as £1.50, the human and environmental costs are sky rocketing in the multi-trillion dollar fashion industry.

Coop confirm first ever sponsorship of Fairtrade School Award Programme

The Co-op has been announced as the sponsor for the Fairtrade Foundation’s Fairtrade Schools Award for the new academic year 2017-2018.

Fairtrade and NUS pilot new University and College Award scheme

From September 2017, the Fairtrade Foundation is teaming up with the National Union of Students to pilot a new Fairtrade Award for Universities and Colleges across the UK.

Poll finds MPs want role in post-Brexit trade deals


Launch of Fairtrade gold from Africa

Last night, The Fairtrade Foundation launched an ambitious new investment opportunity to over 100 delegates including donors, funders, businesses and celebrity ambassadors at a conference Fairtrade Gold: Future Innovations.

Fairtrade Foundation appoints Professor Bob Doherty as new trustee

Professor Bob Doherty has been appointed as a new Trustee of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Introducing worlds first Fairtrade gold from Africa

Fairtrade makes history today (21 September 2017) when it announces the first ever shipment of African Fairtrade gold from Uganda, with a select number of pieces made from the precious metal expected to go on sale in stores in time for Christmas.

Ben and Jerrys unveils three new non dairy ice cream flavours

Attention ice cream fans unable – or choosing not – to consume dairy; your long wait is soon to be over! It’s almost time to raise spoons in celebration of an all-new, non-dairy flavour lineup, set to arrive into supermarket freezers this month.

Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean

CLAC-CARIBBEAN, Friday 15th September: CLAC-CARIBBEAN has now assessed conditions faced by producers in areas of the Caribbean that have been affected by Hurricane Irma, and established that some producer groups have suffered up to 60% loss of crops.