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Whitakers Chocolates

Creams, assortments, bars and more, all made with Fairtrade cocoa!


The UK’s number one premium popcorn brand, founded on a "Done Properly” ethos and belief that there shouldn’t have to be a compromise between health and taste.

The Meaningful Chocolate Company

Home of the Real Advent Calendar and the Real Easter Egg.


All of Clipper's luxuriously smooth hot chocolate use Fairtrade cocoa powder.

Matthew Algie

From chocolate flakes to angelic Abyss dust


A leading superfood brand, offering Fairtrade and Organic cacao powder.

Ben and Jerrys

The first ice cream maker in the world to use Fairtrade certified ingredients.

Zotter Chocolate

Chocolate can leave a very bitter aftertaste, when you consider that cocoa growers work under severe conditions while others profit from the fruits of their labour. That’s why we support fair trade – not because we want to use a showcase product to raise our profile, but because we are convinced that it’s the right choice for our entire product range.