Public Policy Positioning On The Climate Emergency

OVERVIEW and background

The Fairtrade Foundation invites Expressions of Interest (EoI) for a consultancy project that will explore the climate impact of Fairtrade products, how we can best support farmers and workers who are already at the frontline of the climate crisis, and feed into future public messaging on Fairtrade’s role.

The Fairtrade Foundation is working to improve the lives of farmers and workers producing Fairtrade certified products. We are aware of the impacts many farmers and workers are already facing from the climate crisis, including declining yields and incomes, as well as a need to increase the amount of Fairtrade Premium and income they are having to spend on mitigation and adaptation measures. Fairtrade farmers themselves regularly raise concerns about changing weather patterns.

As part of this, we want to play a stronger role in advocacy and campaigning on the climate crisis, adding our weight to civil society campaigns. We also want to bring the voices and position of Fairtrade farmers to bear on civil society discussions.

The CO2e emissions linked to trade and consumer consumption are significant. We want to be honest about the tension that Fairtrade can sometimes find itself facing here, and not avoid hard questions about the need to reduce emissions in Fairtrade supply chains. Where appropriate, we are interested in exploring “just transition” strategies, but always from a farmer/worker perspective. Overall, we want to establish a clear, ambitious way forward that puts farmers and workers, and which is in robust alignment with climate science and the international consensus on CO2e emissions targets.

We are seeking an experienced researcher to support our thinking through the delivery of work specified below.

The research will be conducted for a maximum duration of one month and must commence no later than the start of May. EoIs should be submitted by email to no later than 18.00 on 27 March 2020.

For more information please see Terms of Reference