What it's like to volunteer for Fairtrade

At Fairtrade Foundation we are very proud of our Volunteering Programme. Volunteers have always been an integral part of the organisation working and supporting staff across all departments.

We welcome volunteers of all ages, abilities and skills. Typically, we attract volunteers who have a keen interest in our mission and vision and are looking to gain valuable experience doing hands-on projects. We recognise the huge contribution they make and make sure to reward this through training & support; offering clear and defined roles; integrating all volunteers into office activities and keeping them well informed of what’s happening in the organisation at every level.

Volunteers receive role specific training and induction on arrival and are assigned a supervisor. There is also a Volunteering Officer available to assist and support volunteers at all times. Volunteers are reimbursed for travel expenses up to £15 daily and are reimbursed for actual costs for lunch up to the value of £5.

We ask volunteers to respect our values and aims, be committed to the work they have offered to do, are reliable and punctual, and undertake work to the best of their ability.

Volunteer roles are very varied but in most cases the commitment required is a minimum 3months working 2-3days per week. We are very flexible and work with volunteers on their availability while at the same time recognising the needs of the organisation.

Some recent roles volunteers have worked on include; assisting on our Gold Project; helping on our recent 20th Anniversary Conference; advising on our new IT strategy; working as a Receptionist; assisting the Fundraising team; working on an audit project with the Product Integrity team to name just a few. As you can see there are many different roles for volunteers.

 “Volunteers a precious resource we cannot afford to lose”.
-Denise Penn