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An estimated 16 million small scale miners work in dangerous conditions around the world to provide gold that may end up on our high streets. Exploited by some middle men, and forced to handle hazardous chemicals such as mercury, small scale mining is a harsh and precarious way to earn a livelihood that often leaves miners living in poverty.

You have the power to do something about this – by buying, and promoting, Fairtrade Gold. 

Take action

Help us spread the word about Fairtrade Gold – and encourage shoppers to ask for it when they are looking for a new item of jewellery. Fairtrade only works for producers, when people buy products with the FAIRTRADE Mark, and there are many jewellers who already offer Fairtrade Gold.

Download the campaigner guide – with more information about gold, Fairtrade, and what you can do to make a difference.

Read more about Fairtrade Gold and how it makes a difference.

Fairtrade Gold miners

Resources to support your campaigning

Download the campaigner briefing 

Order resources from our e-shop including brand new posters, postcards and calling cards

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Photo exhibition – Host a pop-up photo exhibition about Fairtrade Gold to encourage people to choose Fairtrade. Email us if you’re interested