Equal Exchange

A Fairtrade pioneer, this worker-owned co-operative has been bringing you great quality food and drink for over 30 years.

Equal Exchange has been bringing you delicious fair trade and organic products for over 30 years. A worker owned co-operative, they still share the values of their founders; that Fairtrade should address the power imbalance in global trade and support the most marginalised small holder farmers that work so hard to bring us our food and drink. Back in the 1980s, it was insufficient for campaigners to demand change, somebody had to take on the business risks and do it differently. Equal Exchange did.

Together with their producer partners, Equal Exchange shares a passion for producing the best quality coffees, teas, cocoa, honey, rooibos, nut butters, chocolate and oils that are worth every penny. Their innovative work is often recognised and many of their products have won awards.

As a Fairtrade pioneer Equal Exchange believes that Fairtrade can and should do more and their values influence every part of their business. This means that you know, and we know, that Equal Exchange products are always fair, sustainable and taste great.

Link to Fairtrade page on company website www.equalexchange.co.uk.


Equal Exchange Coffee

100% Fairtrade and organic Equal Exchange coffees are available in roast & ground and wholebean versions with something to suit everyone. Buy

Equal Exchange coffee


Equal Exchange Rooibos

Our Rooibos tea is picked, processed and packed in South Africa, leaving all the value we can in the country of origin. We work with small-holder farmers in a market that is dominated by plantations. Buy

Equal Exchange tea


Equal Exchange Palestinian Olive Oil

Finding a market for the amazing olive oil that is produced in Palestine helps farmers to stay on their land to continue a heritage that spans hundreds if not thousands of years. Buy

Equal Exchange olive oil