Traidcraft has been at the forefront of fair trade for over 35 years, passionate about trade justice since 1979.

Traidcraft has been fighting poverty through trade, practising and promoting approaches to trade that help poor people in developing countries transform their lives. Fair trade isn’t just part of our business. It’s ALL of our business and we are 100% committed to it.

We make it our business to:

  • Work with poor and small-scale producer groups to bring their quality products to market
  • Commit to long term partnerships with regular contact and support
  • Invest in development and build sustainable businesses
  • Offer the widest range of fair trade products in the UK
  • Pioneer innovations in fair trade to diversify markets
  • Campaign (and encourage others to campaign) to advance the cause of trade justice
  • Demonstrate ethical business practices – and challenge other businesses to do the same

Every day, Traidcraft helps people to transform their lives through trade. Our whole ethos is one of fairness and justice. We help plant seeds of hope for the future in communities all across the world.

But we can’t do it without your help. Here are two simple ways to get involved:

Buy Traidcraft and a range of other Fairtrade brands -

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Traidcraft coffee products

Traidcraft is passionate about great coffee but we’re even more passionate about the people who grow it. We’re committed to working with small-scale, marginalised producers for our instant and roast & ground coffee range.

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Traidcraft chocolate products

Every bite of our great-tasting, quality chocolate also offers the sweet taste of trade justice for small-scale cocoa and sugar farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries. It's more than just chocolate. It's hope in a bar.

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Traidcraft also sells the full range of Divine chocolate bars 


Traidcraft sugar products

Traidcraft sells a range of baking products including unrefined sugars processed and packed in Mauritius as well as white granulated sugar from Swaziland.

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Traidcraft tea products

Traidcraft sells a range of everyday and speciality teas from smallholder tea growers in Africa – for the individual but also for catering.

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Traidcraft other products

Traidcraft offers a full range of Fairtrade grocery items – from our iconic stem ginger cookies, to everyday favourites such as Geobar and FairBreak. And we now have the world’s first Fairtrade marked cleaning range - Clean & Fair.

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Category description: Geobar is right at the heart of Fairtrade, bringing opportunity and hope to growers around the world. Join us in our joyful mission to change the world one bite at a time.

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Category description:
Effective, eco-friendly, fair trade cleaning products that guarantee smallholder growers in Ghana and rural India a fair deal and a brighter future.
For a greener, fairer planet.

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Category description:
Traidcraft’s luxury range of Fairtrade cookies – including the iconic stem ginger cookie - tastes great and is made using the highest-quality, fair trade ingredients.

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