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Tilimuqui's Fairtrade Story

Tilimuqui Fairtrade funded School ProjectTilimuqui (tili-moo-key) wines are named after a small, remote village, located 10 kilometres from La Riojana’s main winery, in La Rioja province, northwest Argentina. Tilimuqui village is also is home to many of La Riojana’s co-operative workers and their families.

Before the introduction of Fairtrade to this remote part of Argentina, Tilimuqui was referred to as one of the “many forgotten places in Argentina”, due to its remote situation and poor infrastructure. However over recent years, thanks to the success of the Fairtrade projects implemented in Tilimuqui, this is no longer the case. 

Villagers themselves have witnessed the extraordinary benefits that Fairtrade-funded projects can bring them, and have seen how a new, reliable water supply, a new secondary school and a school minibus have made an extraordinary difference to their lives, as well as to the lives of people living in the local region.  

The first Fairtrade project introduced to Tilimuqui was a new water facility. Before its construction, people living in the village had to endure an old and unreliable water supply, which not only made life very tough for the villagers; it also affected both their health and hygiene. 

In addition to the day-to-day struggle with water, children living in Tilimuqui struggled to continue their education past the age of 14, due to the remoteness of the village and the cost of transport to secondary schools in the area.  However Fairtrade has changed this, through the funding of a new, first class secondary school in the village. 

Fairtrade premiums from the Tilimuqui wine range are being allocated to the local University to help fund the infrastructure of the new secondary school and have recently helped purchase a minibus for the school, benefitting pupils at the school, over 50% of whom are children of La Riojana’s workers and members. 

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Tilimuqui Single Vineyard Fairtrade Organic Cabernet Sauvignon – Bonarda, Tilimuqui Single Vineyard Fairtrade Organic Torrontes and Tilimuqui Single Vineyard Fairtrade Malbec Rose.

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