Fairtrade gold and your business

Fairtrade Gold a simple, flexible and cost-effective way to source the gold you need responsibly and with traceability – all through an international network that’s recognised and trusted. 9 out of 10 consumers have seen the FAIRTRADE Mark in the UK. 


Fairtrade Gold offers a meaningful story to catch the attention of your customers too, telling them that your business means business when it comes to supporting artisanal and small-scale miners to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and communities.

Fairtrade has a massive grassroots community in the UK, stretching through towns, schools, workplaces, universities and faith groups. These supporters make the conscious effort to buy Fairtrade products and look positively on brands who have the same ethics as they do.


Find out more about the impact that Sourcing Fairtrade Gold has on gold miners and their families.


Fairtrade changes the way trade works through decent working conditions, protection of the environment and a fairer deal for gold miners in developing countries.  By buying jewellery from businesses supporting Fairtrade Gold, consumers can create change through their everyday actions and mining communities can improve their lives and invest in their future.

You can become part of the change by becoming a Fairtrade Gold sales ambassador in your business and encouraging your customers to buy jewellery made from Fairtrade Gold. You can register for our free sales ambassador course now.


Note: If you are based outside of the UK, please contact Fairtrade International or the labelling organisation in your region for more information. See details.

Become part of our Goldsmith Registration Scheme

Best for smaller jewellers and goldsmiths that want to:

  • Show their support for miners by using Fairtrade gold in their business
  • Buy less than 500g of Fairtrade gold or Platinum, or 2Kg of Silver per year
  • Have annual membership by registering through a free and simple to use online system
  • Access a range of ready-made promotional materials to promote their support for Fairtrade gold
  • Be searchable on our Fairtrade Goldsmith Finder

Registered Goldsmiths have to renew their membership on an annual basis and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the scheme. These include only using the pre-approved promotional materials provided. Registered Goldsmiths will need to purchase their Fairtrade metal from a licensed supplier, whose full supply chain is audited to Fairtrade Gold Standards. Finished pieces of jewellery will not be able to have the Fairtrade stamp applied due to traceability ending with the supplier. Registered Goldsmiths are also able to purchase ‘white label’ finished products which do carry the Fairtrade Stamp (for example, ring mounts and wedding bands) from a Fairtrade licensed supplier.

See more scheme details and apply.

Fairtrade Gold offers full traceability

Become a Fairtrade Licensee

Best for businesses that want to:

  • Know that their Fairtrade gold is traceable from the mine to finished jewellery piece
  • Apply the Fairtrade stamp to finished pieces as a consumer guarantee that the gold has been responsibly mined
  • Use the FAIRTRADE Gold Mark on promotional materials to communicate the Fairtrade Gold story to their customers
  • Benefit from involvement in Fairtrade marketing and campaign activities

Licensees are required to register all pieces that are produced using Fairtrade precious metal, and to seek approval for any materials featuring the FAIRTRADE Mark. A one-off sign-up fee of £500 (plus VAT) will apply and once set up licensees will be required to report on the volume of precious metal sold each quarter and a license fee of £1090 per Kg of fine gold sold will apply. Licensees are also required to sign a certification contract with FLOCERT (the independent Fairtrade certification and auditing organisation). This will mean signing up to comply with the Fairtrade Standards for Gold and Precious Metals and the Fairtrade Trader Standard which FLOCERT will audit against. A certification fee will apply to cover this auditing and monitoring and you can use FLOCERT’s cost calculator to estimate these fees.

For information on registration please email gold@fairtrade.org.uk.

Become part of our Fairtrade sourcing program

Best for bigger businesses that want to:

  • Make a corporate sourcing commitment within their supply chains

For more information on this option please email gold@fairtrade.org.uk or call our Business Engagement Team on 0203 301 5001.

Become an authorised supplier

If you are a refiner, caster, provide manufacturing services or supply semi-finished products and wish to start sourcing Fairtrade metal, please email  gold@fairtrade.org.uk or call 0203 301 5001 for further information.

Fairtrade Premium graphic


Below you will find a list of authorised suppliers and manufacturers who are licensed to supply Fairtrade certified semi-finished product to Fairtrade licensees and registered Goldsmiths. All authorised suppliers are subject to regular independent auditing against the Fairtrade Standards

For more information on each company please click on the links below:

Betts Metal – Bullion & Jewellery Making supplier. Registered refiners and suppliers of gold sheet, strip, wire and grain. Also supply wedding rings

Cad-man - Jewellery Manufacturing and Cad Design, casting in Fairtrade certified gold

Cookson Gold UK – Suppliers of Fairtrade Gold bullion and semi-finished jewellery products including sheet, wire, grain and chain

Curteis – Jewellery manufacturers supplying Fairtrade chain

Design Build Cast – suppliers of Fairtrade gold and authorised provider of services in designing, building and casting for jewellery retailers and manufacturers

Hockley Mint- Manufacturing jewellers, suppliers wedding rings, bespoke design, cast components, findings and jewellery parts

Q Branch bespoke Casting – suppliers of bullion and casting 

Vipa Designs – Suppliers of Fairtrade gold, silver and casting 

Weston Beamor – Suppliers of Fairtrade gold, casting and manufacturing services