Cocoa Life sustainability programme expands to cover Cadbury chocolate through new partnership with Fairtrade

Cocoa Life and Fairtrade partnership

Cadbury and Fairtrade announce a new global partnership between Cocoa Life and Fairtrade to support the roll out of Cocoa Life to Cadbury brands, driving greater scale and impact for cocoa farmers and their communities

  • Cadbury and Fairtrade announce a new global partnership between Cocoa Life and Fairtrade to support the roll out of Cocoa Life to Cadbury brands, driving greater scale and impact for cocoa farmers and their communities
  • As a result, in the UK, five times as much Cadbury chocolate will now be made with sustainably sourced cocoa
  • Cocoa Life is a $400 million programme to secure a positive future for 200,000 farmers and 1 million community members in six key cocoa growing origins by 2022
  • Through the expansion, Cadbury products in the UK and Ireland will carry the Cocoa Life label on the front of pack and the partnership between Cocoa Life and Fairtrade will be indicated on the back of pack

Cadbury and Fairtrade today announced a ground-breaking commitment to help more cocoa farmers, their families and their communities, by extending its farmer-focused, industry leading Cocoa Life programme to all Cadbury products in the UK and Ireland by 2019. Starting in May next year with a phased roll-out, for the first time ever, all Cadbury products in the UK and Ireland will be covered by a single sustainable sourcing programme - Cocoa Life.

Fairtrade, the world's largest and most recognised fair trade system, will become a partner for the whole Cocoa Life programme, working together to secure the long-term future of cocoa farming communities. By 2019, all Cadbury chocolate in the UK and Ireland will display the Cocoa Life branding, symbolising the adoption of the programme across the Cadbury range. As a result, the selected Cadbury Dairy Milk products that were previously Fairtrade certified will no longer carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

The new partnership between Cocoa Life and Fairtrade, which builds on a relationship established in 2009, will be indicated on the back of pack. Having achieved significant impact* to date, Cadbury and Fairtrade will now work together on new innovative programmes to enhance the future for farming communities, such as building resilience to climate change – which cocoa farmers say is already a key threat to their livelihoods. In addition, Fairtrade will work with Cocoa Life to develop farmer organisations and, together, enhance the understanding and reporting of the programme’s impact on cocoa farmers, their families and their communities.

This significant expansion of Cocoa Life, combined with Fairtrade’s independent involvement, will give consumers the confidence that whenever they buy a Cadbury chocolate bar they are helping cocoa farming communities to thrive, making a real difference to people’s lives.

FLOCERT, which also works as Fairtrade’s independent assurance and certification body, will continue to independently verify the supply chain of Cocoa Life as the programme grows. This involves tracking the quantity of sustainably grown and traded cocoa and the loyalty payments made to farmer organizations.

Glenn Caton, President, Northern Europe at Mondelēz International, commented:

“Cocoa Life builds from Cadbury’s proud heritage of sourcing cocoa sustainably, which dates back to a hundred years ago when the Cadbury family helped establish cocoa farming in Ghana”

“Through Cocoa Life, we want to become an accountable partner for our cocoa farmers, not just a buyer. We are directly connecting buyers to farmers, enabling them to build long-term businesses. Cocoa Life truly transforms communities by delivering real and measurable improvements for cocoa farmers. We want to use our scale as the world’s largest chocolate maker to drive positive change for the communities on which we depend. We support Fairtrade’s vision to drive sustainable livelihoods through empowered farming organisations and communities and fairer terms of trade. We are proud to have Fairtrade’s support in helping us achieve this”.

Launched in Ghana in 2008 as the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership, Cocoa Life has already been rolled out across more than 795 cocoa farming communities around the world and independent verification shows that farmers’ in the Cocoa Life programme in Ghana have seen their incomes increase 49% more than farms outside the programme.

Michael Gidney, Chief Executive at the Fairtrade Foundation commented on the news:

“We are proud to have worked closely with Cadbury since 2009 to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities. But the reality is that life for too many cocoa farmers remains a daily struggle against poverty, whilst their communities still lack many essential services and climate change poses increasing threats to their livelihoods and future.

“The evolution of our partnership with Cadbury and Cocoa Life is an exciting development as it embeds Fairtrade, our values, principles and unique relationships with farmer networks into the whole programme. In doing so, together we can increase the scale and impact of Cocoa Life, towards a common goal – one in which cocoa farmers, their organisations and communities are empowered, can invest in their own futures, and go from just surviving, to thriving.”  

Cocoa Life fast facts

Today’s move by Cadbury will help Cocoa Life to deliver a number of benefits, including:

  • An increase in the quantity of sustainably sourced cocoa that Cadbury buys from farmers, meaning in the UK, five times as much Cadbury chocolate will now be made with sustainably sourced cocoa.
  • A $400m investment by 2022, empowering 200,000 farmers and reaching 1 million people in communities in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, India and Brazil.
  • Independently assessed improvements to the lives and livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities – farmer income has increased 49% more and cocoa yield increased 37% more in Ghanaian Cocoa Life communities than in communities outside the programme.
  • A competitive price for their cocoa, on clear terms of trade, and loyalty payments to Ghanaian farmers, which together with programme investments, will deliver value per farmer at least equivalent to that previously delivered by Fairtrade premiums.
  • Investment in more than 795 cocoa farming communities, helping them set and deliver their own tailored action plans that address their needs – whether that’s education, healthcare, infrastructure or other priorities.


Alongside Fairtrade, Cocoa Life is actively supported on the ground by NGO delivery partners including Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), Save The Children, CARE International, World Vision and Solidaridad, harnessing their long experience of working with cocoa growing communities to maximise the impact of the programme. Cocoa Life also involves experts from organisations like WWF, the UN Development Programme, and Anti-Slavery International in the design and oversight of the programme.



About Cocoa Life

Cocoa Life is a holistic and farmer centric approach working with communities to help them set their own tailored action plans that will deliver the most value for them around five outcomes:

  • Farming – helping farmers improve yield and earn higher incomes
  • Community – enabling coca farming families to create the kind of communities they and their children want to live in
  • Livelihoods – improving business skills and helping to develop additional source of income to lift people out of poverty
  • Youth - making cocoa faming a more attractive profession for young people
  • Environment - protecting the landscapes in which cocoa is grown to maintain the ecosystems and farming land for future generations.

Cocoa Life also aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, in areas such as empowerment of women, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Cocoa Life’s core principles are:

  • Farming communities are at the centre of our approach
  • Partnerships are the key to lasting change
  • Our programme and our sourcing contracts are aligned

Mondelēz International's ultimate goal is to sustainably source all the company's cocoa supply, mainly via Cocoa Life. By working in partnership with farmers, NGOs, suppliers and government institutions, Cocoa Life answers Mondelēz International's Call For Well-being, which urges employees, suppliers and community partners to join together to develop new approaches that can have a positive impact on the planet and its people. The Call For Well-being focuses on four key areas where the company can make the greatest impact: mindful snacking, sustainability, community and safety. Follow our progress at  

Cadbury and Fairtrade’s impact to date

Since 2009, the partnership between Cadbury and Fairtrade has:

  • Enabled the establishment of strong farmer organisations and supported them to function efficiently, with effective governance and good business practices
  • Supported farmer organisations through Fairtrade premiums with the budget and capacity to carry out their own community development projects, and offer benefits to individual farmers and their communities, such as micro-saving and loan schemes, agricultural tools and farming inputs
  • Farming communities have benefitted from Fairtrade training on income diversification, workers’ rights and environmental sustainability

About Mondelēz International

Mondelēz International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) is a global snacking powerhouse, with 2015 net revenues of approximately $30 billion. Creating delicious moments of joy in 165 countries, Mondelēz International is a world leader in biscuits, chocolate, gum, candy and powdered beverages, with billion-dollar brands such as Oreo, LU and Nabisco biscuits; Cadbury, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Milka chocolate; and Trident gum. Mondelēz International is a proud member of the Standard and Poor’s 500, NASDAQ 100 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Visit or follow us on Twitter at

About The Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation’s mission is to work with businesses, community groups and individuals to improve the trading position of producer organisations in developing countries and to deliver sustainable livelihoods for farmers, workers and their communities by:

  • being a passionate and ambitious development organisation committed to tackling poverty and injustice through trade;
  • engaging business in product and ingredient certification, and in programmes to bring about long term change for farmers, workers and their communities;
  • bringing together producers and consumers in a citizens’ movement for change; and
  • being recognised as the UK’s leading authority on fair trade

Today, more than 1.6 million people who work hard to produce coffee, tea, cocoa, bananas, wines, flowers, cotton, gold and many other products benefit from Fairtrade, which campaigns for as well as enables a fairer system of global trade.  In 2015, UK retail sales of Fairtrade certified products exceeded £1.6 billion. Beyond certification, the Fairtrade Foundation is increasingly building new partnerships with producer networks, business partners and local organisations to deliver specialist programmes to deepen impact for disadvantaged farming communities. 

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