Primarosa Flowers has set itself the goal of being the leader in its region in the implementation of environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

About Primarosa Flowers Ltd

Primarosa Flowers Ltd is based in Athi river 1,500 metres above sea level and 28 miles south east of Nairobi.

The 1,300 workers produce over 60 million roses yearly for export at two flower farms Zuri farm in Ol Joro Orok to the North of Nairobi and Primarosa farm in Athi river area.

Primarosa Flowers has set itself the challenge of producing the highest quality roses while also meeting the social and environmental responsibilities associated with production.

The aims and values of Fairtrade are helping to achieve these goals. Fairtrade certification has brought about countless projects which benefit both workers and the environment.

Social Projects

  • Workers receive free transport to work as well as free lunches.
  • In addition free medical consultations are offered and trainings are held to improve workers knowledge of health and safety as well HIV/AIDS awareness.
  • A church has been built in the local community.
  • The premium was used to purchase school desks for Kanaani primary school and sports equipment for workers to use in their leisure time.

Environmental Improvement

Environmental protection is at the centre of Primarosa’s operations. Chemical use has been minimised through an environmentally conscious programme for pest control. Water is recycled and reused. Through the separation and reuse of waste materials in the water, discharge of waste can be reduced even further.

A tree nursery has also been created to help stimulate the planting of native trees in the surrounding area.