Many consumers expect coffee businesses to have an ethical approach to their coffee and three quarters believe that the best way to verify a product’s social or environmental claims is through an independent, third party organisation such as Fairtrade.

When you offer Fairtrade to your customers you can be confident that not only can farmers build a better quality of life for their families and communities, they can invest in growing better quality beans too.

Why is Fairtrade coffee good for business?


of people trust the FAIRTRADE Mark

Fairtrade is the most widely recognised and trusted certification mark in the UK. It is also the only certification that tackles all the elements that farmers need to make their lives sustainable in the long term – these include being financially stable, protecting the environment and supporting the community.

Coffee was one of the first products to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark and it has been growing ever since. Fairtrade coffee is now available from origins around the world. and the supply chain is fully transparent. You can trace the coffee you buy back to the co-operative it comes from. But Fairtrade is about much more than just direct trade relationships.

By choosing Fairtrade coffee you also help farmers improve the quality of their produce because at least 25% of the Fairtrade premium they receive is invested into improving the quality of their crop and therefore the taste of your coffee. 

create a sustainable world for coffee farmers


COOPEAGRI Co-operative, Costa Rica

By choosing Fairtrade coffee for your business you ensure that the farmers who grow your beans receive a fair price and additional premium which is invested in the community, helps improve their farming practices and protects the environment.  Fairtrade is focused on empowering farmers to improve their lives through their own work.

But don’t just take our word from it. Hear from Fairtrade coffee producers on how by buying Fairtrade coffee you can have a positive impact on the social, environmental and economic lives of coffee communities.

Social impact

Watch to find out how Fairtrade is delivering social impact.

Download the Fairtrade coffee social sustainability report (pdf)

Environmental impact

Watch to find out how Fairtrade is delivering environmental impact.

Download the Fairtrade coffee environmental sustainability report (pdf)

Economic impact

Watch to find out how Fairtrade is delivering economic impact.

Download the Fairtrade coffee economic sustainability report (pdf)

How can you get more out of Fairtrade for your business?

We can help you communicate your Fairtrade commitment to your customers in a number of ways. Visit our Business resources page to find out more. 

We also have many resources specific to coffee that can help you bring your Fairtrade story to life. Use our case studies to tell your customers about the lives of the farmers who make the coffee. Show them about the difference you make by stocking Fairtrade coffee – and they make by buying it.