25 years of the Fairtrade Mark - Join the party!

It’s a quarter of a century since we launched the FAIRTRADE Mark in the UK. That makes it as old as The Lion King film, Eurotunnel and TV series Friends!

We’ve seen an incredible shift in the attitudes of shoppers, citizens and businesses to where things come from, and the people who grow and make them since Cafédirect, Clipper and Green & Blacks launched the first three products carrying the Mark in 1994. 

So much so that our little Mark is as much a part of UK life as train trips to Paris, cheesy American sitcoms that never end or Hakuna Matata.

Although there’s still plenty to do to make trade fair, we won’t get there without taking a moment to reflect on the success and contributions of everyone who has helped make Fairtrade a national conversation, rooted in local action and relationships. If you’re someone who has supported Fairtrade in your community, school, at work or in your shopping that includes you! We’ll be celebrating from mid-September to mid-October, especially around the weekend of 5-6 October, but please join in as and when you are able. 

Join the party

  1. Hold a 25th birthday party in your community, school, university or place of worship to celebrate Fairtrade’s achievements, and recognise important people and groups locally who have contributed over the years. 
  2. Make your mark count. Whether you celebrate at a party, online, or as a group, get creative with the FAIRTRADE Mark. 
  3. Come to a Fairtrade conference. Click here to register for one near you. Top speakers, engaging workshops and vibrant networking are just a few of the highlights you can expect. 

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