Celebrating 25 years of the Fairtrade Mark!

It's a quarter of a century since the FAIRTRADE Mark launched in the U.K. That makes it the same age as The Lion King film, Eurotunnel and TV series Friends. This year we are proud to be celebrating 25 years of Fairtrade products in the UK.

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25 years of impact

For 25 years, Fairtrade and our supporters have been fighting against poverty and inequality, making a real difference to the lives of farmers and workers.

From working with businesses and governments, teaching about Fairtrade in schools, campaigning and lobbying, to choosing Fairtrade in the shops, you have all been part of this journey. 

Join us for the next 25 years, demanding fairer trade and living incomes for farmers and workers.

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Menu for change

Fairtrade's vision is a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future. As we move into the next stage of our journey, we are calling for:

1. An end to poverty and a dignified life for all farmers and workers 

We need fair prices and decent work, a living income and wage, plus investment in essentials like education, health and housing. 

2. Empowerment and equality 

We need a world of work that promotes greater equality, including gender equality, which leaves no one behind and empowers farmers and workers to have their say.

3. Support to fight climate change

Locally, this means supporting Fairtrade farmers to adapt to a changing climate, for example on reforestation and water usage. Globally, we need a radical rethink of how we consume.

4. Action on exploitation and human rights

We need zero tolerance of human rights abuses in supply chains, including child labour and modern slavery, and more accountability. 

5. Fair trade agreements that promote the Sustainable Development Goals 

We need trade policy and deals that support poorer countries, give them a louder voice and are subject to meaningful scrutiny.

Fairtrade works. But we need it to work for even more farmers, workers and their communities. We need more businesses to commit to buying on Fairtrade terms. We need more shoppers to buy Fairtrade products. We need governments to put the issue of fair trade at the top of their agendas and work together with Fairtrade to achieve living incomes and living wages for farmers and workers.

Here are 8 ways to support Fairtrade:

1. Sign up to email

Make Your Fairtrade Mark for 25 yearsWhen you sign up to receive emails, you'll get to hear about our latest campaigns, events and products, helping you to live more sustainably and giving you the tools to support Fairtrade and be a part of the Fairtrade movement.

2. Share on social media

Celebrating 25 years of Fairtrade - social sharing imageShare your favourite Fairtrade products, speak about the impact Fairtrade has or share content from our website or social media channels. Every person who chooses Fairtrade is making a difference to the lives of farmers and workers around the world.

Share this image on Twitter to show support and encourage others to get involved. Remember to use the hashtag #Fairtrade25.

3. Follow us on social media

25 years of Fairtrade Facebook profile frame mock-upFollow us on social media to hear about latest campaigns, products and competitions. 

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4. Fundraise for Fairtrade

poster thumbFairtrade is a charity. When you fundraise for Fairtrade you are contributing to making the world a fairer place. From coffee mornings to running marathons, supporters across the UK are finding fun and creative ways to raise money for Fairtrade. Fundraising activities can also be a great way to raise awareness about Fairtrade.

Find out more about fundraising for Fairtrade here

5. Choose Fairtrade

With thousands of Fairtrade products now available in the UK from the staples; bananas, coffee, chocolate, tea to the more unusual; flowers, bedding, gold - always choose Fairtrade and if you can't find it in store, ask why, to show that there is a growing demand for Fairtrade products.

See where to buy Fairtrade

6. Donate to Fairtrade

Your donation will not only support projects to bring Fairtrade to more farmers and workers, but also enable farmers to improve their farms, increase demand for their produce and strengthen their voices so they can negotiate a fairer deal and trade their way out of poverty. 

There is now a new way to donate. Donate monthly and receive a thank you gift every three months. 

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7. Join a local Fairtrade group

With over 10,000 local campaigning groups, including Towns, Schools, Universities and Faith Groups, there are lots of ways to get involved with Fairtrade in your community. Use our map to find a group near you:

Find a local Fairtrade group

8. Be a Fairtrade advocate

Every person who buys a Fairtrade certified product is helping to make the world a fairer place. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about Fairtrade and why it is so important. You'll be making your own impact even greater!

Get Fairtrade in your workplace

25 facts about Fairtrade

Thank you!

Thank you for being part of the Fairtrade movement and for celebrating this 25th anniversary with us. Fairtrade would not be what it is today, without your support. What difference has Fairtrade made? Hear it direct from some of the Fairtrade farmers. Watch Rosine's video below and watch more on the Meet the Fairtrade Farmers page.

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Add a celebratory frame to your Facebook profile picture to help spread the word! It's really simple to do, just click the link below and choose the your prefered frame.

3. Update your Facebook Profile Picture

Add a celebratory frame to your Facebook profile picture to help spread the word! It's really simple to do, just click the link below and choose the your prefered frame.