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Fair Future is being sponsored by our headline sponsor Cafédirect and co-sponsors Shared Interest, Oxfam and Oikocredit.


Costa Rica Ana Gray Araya Bonilla with her twin sons, Juan Diego and Juan Jose, on their coffee farmAs the UK’s first and largest 100% Fairtrade hot drinks brand, Cafédirect has been a strong supporter of Fairtrade since the very beginning. 20 years later, we celebrate the achievements of the Fairtrade movement so far and commit to promoting an even fairer future, where business is used as a force for good to change lives and build communities!

We believe that the best products start with the best growers, sourcing exclusively from smallholder growers in the finest coffee, tea and cocoa growing regions in the world! We reinvest at least one third of our profits into these grower communities, on top of the Fairtrade premiums we pay for the crops. To date, we have invested over 50% of our profits back into the 40 producer organisations we support across 14 countries!

What’s more, our growers are at the very heart of our business. Two of our producers sit on our Board, while 89% of the growers are shareholders, and therefore direct beneficiaries of the success of the business.

Our strong relationship with our growers, as well as their expertise, care and attention are reflected in the quality of our products, ensuring that we always receive the pick of the crop and offer our customers an award-winning range.

Discover our range of coffee, tea and hot chocolate at www.cafedirect.co.uk and join our online community on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news and campaigns!


Investing in Goodness
There's a choice you can make that's as good for people, as it is for your bank balance.

Mercy Zaah - c/o Oikocredit's partners Divine Chocolate & Kuapa KokooOikocredit is an ethical way to invest your savings and lend someone like Mercy Zaah a Fairtrade cocoa producer - the money she needs to build her business support her family, sustain her community and help protect the planet.

For nearly 40 years, Oikocredit’s social enterprise partners have give entrepreneurs like Mercy, and people like her, our backing and belief in over 60 countries around the world. In return they have delivered a 2% return to Oikocredit's 52 000 investors nearly every year since 1989.

It’s an investment that pay backs far more than just money. It’s an investment in fairness; in justice; in feeling good about where your money goes.

Visit www.oikocredit.org.uk

Shared Interest

Bolivian Quinoa Farmer Efigenia says: “To all those who help our efforts, I say on behalf of all of us, thank you from my heart.”Shared Interest uses investment from people living in the UK to provide trade finance to fair trade businesses across the globe, aiming to reach smallholder farmers and craft organisations with the unsecured lending and low interest loans that are not available locally.

Managing director Patricia Alexander, said: "Our finance and credit facilities enable fair trade groups to pay their workers on time, as well as buy the raw materials, tools and machinery needed for production.”

Shared Interest’s fair finance reached 375 fair trade organisations globally last year, which equates to nearly £47m made in payments to producers and buyers.  This is all thanks to almost 9,000 people in the UK currently investing an overall total of over £31m in share accounts.

You can watch a short film here about how Shared Interest finance helps quinoa farmers in Bolivia. Quinoa Specialist Sergio Nunez de Arco said: “When investors put their funds in Shared Interest, they trust that their money is being used to lift people out of poverty all over the world.”

Visit www.shared-interest.com


Oxfam logoOxfam is a global humanitarian, development and campaigning organisation working with others to overcome poverty and suffering.  Since its Oxford-based beginnings in 1942 it has grown into a worldwide force and is now a confederation (Oxfam International) with 17 members, working in over 90 countries on a diverse range of projects, from providing emergency water sources to supporting community health projects.

Oxfam has one million supporters in the UK and nearly 700 high street shops selling donated fashion, books, music, and homewares, and new ethical products.  It is supported by a workforce of 23,000 volunteers.  Oxfam launched the UK’s first online charity shop in 2007.  

For every £1 donated to Oxfam's general funds, 84p is spent on emergency, development and campaigning work, 9p is spent on support and governance and 7p is invested to generate future income.  

Oxfam started practising a form of fair trade in the 1960s, when it sold crafts in its UK shops made by Chinese refugees in Hong Kong, under the brand Helping by Selling.

The range expanded to crafts and foods from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and in 1992 we were proud to be a co-founder of The Fairtrade Foundation. In 2013, Oxfam sold £1.6 million of Fairtrade branded products in Oxfam shops. Our suppliers include Fair Trade brands like Cafedirect, Divine, Traidcraft, Zaytoun, Liberation and others.

Oxfam GB is affiliated to Oxfam International, a global confederation of 17 independent Oxfams which share the same purpose.

Visit www.oxfam.org.uk



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