Fairtrade Supporter Conference 2017

Thank you to all who came to this year’s conference on 7 October in London.

Catch up on what happened below, and we hope you enjoyed the day. If you couldn't make it, perhaps you could join us at a regional conference in November or sign up for newsletters to be the first to hear of future events. The next national Fairtrade Supporter Conference is scheduled for autumn 2019. 


Thanks to the fantastic keynote speakers who informed, inspired and challenged us: 

  • George Kporye, Fairtrade Officer at Golden Exotics Ltd, Ghana and Board member of Fairtrade Africa's West Africa Network spoke about the impact of Fairtrade for banana workers in Ghana. View George's presentation
  • Barbara Gwinnett, Chair of the National Campaigner Committee (NCC) spoke about the crucial role of grassroots campaigners in the Fairtrade movement, and how the NCC works with the Fairtrade Foundation to advise on its campaigning work.
  • Holly Lynch MP, Co-chair of the Fairtrade APPG and MP for Halifax shared how important it is for Fairtrade groups to engage politicians, and the work of the APPG promoting Fairtrade the agenda in parliament. 
  • Michael Gidney, Chief Executive of the Fairtrade Foundation highlighted the progress of the Fairtrade campaign in changing trade, as well as the key challenges and opportunities for the movement in the coming years. 
  • Dario Soto Abril, CEO of Fairtrade International closed the conference with inspirational words linking the activities in communities across the UK and tangible shifts in living standards in communities around the world thanks to better prices and jobs that Fairtrade brings to millions of farmers and workers.

Breakout sessions

Click on the sessions below to download the slides to remind yourself what was discussed, or to find out what you missed:

 A. How much should Fairtrade innovate in response to trends in corporate sustainability? 

 B. Direct Trade or Fairtrade coffee - the wrong question?

 C. Brexit Trade Campaign presentation 1 and presentation 2

 E. Engaging with universities

 G. Regenerate your Fairtrade campaign

 H. All about cocoa

 I. Flying the flag for Fairtrade and calendar 

 J. Fairtrade Fortnight creative ideas sharing

 K. From sweatshops to Fair Trade - no presentation but click here to find lesson plans for schools from Kool Skools on Fairtrade cotton

 L. Together for refugees: the latest instalment in Ben & Jerry's ice cream fuelled activism