See who really knows their onions (alright, cocoa beans) with the Fairtrade quiz.

Your Fairtrade fundraiser is a chance to raise valuable funds (and raise a smile or two). So break the ice, get the creative juices flowing and try these sample questions for size.

Print out the quiz to use at your Fairtrade fundraiser. Below is a taste of what you can expect! 

Pink, red, orange, white and yellow roses.

Fairtrade Firsts

When was the FAIRTRADE Mark launched in the UK?

A. 1990
B. 1997
C. 1994

Fairtrade around the world

Liberation is a Fairtrade nut company part-owned by the farming co-operatives who grow the nuts. Name two of the countries Liberation nuts come from.

Guess the commodity

Which non-food product am I?

  • Developing countries produce two thirds of me
  • 100 million rural households are involved in my production
  • I account for 40% of West Africa’s exports

Number round

In 2001, most banana-related accidents
in Britain involved people slipping on skins. How
many banana-related accidents were there?

A. 300
B. 500
C. 750