Fairtrade is funded in a number of different ways.

How the Fairtrade Foundation is funded

The Fairtrade Foundation receives a licence fee, paid by companies using the FAIRTRADE Mark on their products, which constitutes over 85% of the Fairtrade Foundation’s income. The licence fee covers the cost of monitoring and certification which underpins the independent guarantee offered by the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Donations from passionate supporters of Fairtrade, as well as grants from organisations working with us to make trade fairer, are an essential part of the Fairtrade Foundation’s income, making up between 10-20% of our income.

We receive grants from DFID (Department for International Development), the European Commission, Comic Relief, and a host of other grantmakers. We also receive donations from individual supporters, schools, faith groups, workplaces, Fairtrade Towns and other community organisations.

Breakdown of Fairtrade Foundation income

  • Licensee fee from Fairtrade certified products: £10.09m – 86%
  • Grants and donations: £1.54m – 13%
  • Other income £0.13m – 1%
  • Major current funders of the Fairtrade Foundation include the following organisations:
    • European Commission, Department for International Development, Traid, and Comic Relief
  • The following organisations also provide financial support to the Fairtrade Foundation:
    • Shared Interest Foundation, Souter Trust, SMB Charitable Trust, Tinsley Trust, Paget Trust