1. Find out who your MP is, and their contact details
  2. Email them, making your request clear. Put time and date in the subject line if you can. Fridays and Saturdays are good days to request a meeting. Outline what you’d like to discuss. You should go in to the meeting knowing what you want to ask them to do for Fairtrade. For example, it might be to submit a Parliamentary Question, sponsor or sign an Early Day Motion (EDM), Tweet support for our campaigns or attend a Fairtrade meeting or event, such as our annual Fortnight parliamentary reception or an upcoming APPG meeting. 
  3. Follow up with a phone call to their office if you don’t get a reply in a few working days. 
  4. Research their background and voting record before the meeting. Check if they are happy for you to invite local press and if so, have some Fairtrade photo props or a banana suit to hand!  
  5. Ask for a quote from the MP. That way their staff will be more likely to mention the meeting/visit in their communication channels (Twitter, MP’s personal website, and weekly or monthly newsletters). 
  6. Always follow up with the MP after meeting to send to confirm action points and thank them for their time. When following up with the MP you could also mention that you will invite them to future events you run. 

Fairtrade has a range of briefings that may be relevant to give to your MP.