Dioceses, circuits, presbyteries and more can also become a Fairtrade Denominational Area.

In many cases churches are grouping together to give strength to their Fairtrade campaign and becoming Fairtrade Denominational Areas. If your churches would like to take part, there are five goals which your diocese, district, presbytery, circuit, association or other area needs to meet in order to apply for Fairtrade status.

The five goals

To qualify, your denominational area needs to agree to:

  1. Support and promote Fairtrade, further encourage the use and sale of Fairtrade products and to serve only Fairtrade coffee and tea at meetings it is responsible for.
  2. Ensure that at least half the churches or places of worship in your denominational area have become a ‘Fairtrade Church
  3. Encourage other local churches, parishes, circuits etc. to adopt a Fairtrade policy. As far as possible, display literature advertising the fact that Fairtrade products re used and served there.
  4. Attract further media coverage and continue raising awareness of the FAIRTRADE Mark. If possible, make reference to your denominational area’s Fairtrade status on any relevant websites.
  5. Set up a Fairtrade steering group to take responsibility for monitoring that goals continue to be met and developed over time.

How to apply

Your denominational area needs to meet the five goals to achieve status and then complete and return a Fairtrade Denominational Area Application Form together with accompanying evidence for each goal to the Fairtrade Foundation. The application form outlines the evidence you need to provide for each goal.

Download the Fairtrade Denominational Area Application Form and return it to the Fairtrade Foundation by email or post to Fairtrade Denominational Area Application, The Fairtrade Foundation, 3rd Floor, Ibex House, 42-47 Minories, London EC3N 1DN.

Once you have achieved Fairtrade status for your diocese, you will receive a certificate from the Fairtrade Foundation to display in a prominent place. You need to renew your Fairtrade status annually. You will receive a letter informing you of the renewal date two months beforehand.

For any queries please read our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact volunteer.faiths@fairtrade.org.uk.

Resources and other things you can do

As well as include Fairtrade in your prayers and services, why not contact others in your community who are supporting Fairtrade and its work. Try your local Fairtrade Town group. Email volunteer.faiths@fairtrade.org.uk and we will put you in touch.

If you would like to order promotional materials to support your campaign, you can order materials online or call 020 7440 7676.

Sign up to the Fairtrade Faiths e-newsletter that contains all the latest news and information about events and products which will be of interest to Fairtrade Churches and those working towards status.

If you have a question regarding Fairtrade Denominational Areas, please email us volunteer.faiths@fairtrade.org.uk