The profiles below provide the details of academic staff who have a research interest related to Fairtrade. The below staff are happy to be contacted by participants enrolled on the Fairtrade University and College Award programme.

Dr Matthew Anderson

Senior Lecturer in Business Ethics at Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth

Matthew Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in Business Ethics at the University of Portsmouth. He received his PhD in Social and Economic History from the University of Birmingham. He was the Co-convenor of the 2018 Fair Trade International Symposium. Matthew’s research interests focus on the intersection between civil society and business. His main research outputs, to date, have investigated the role of the Fair Trade movement and have explored the key drivers behind the mainstreaming of an alternative business model. He is currently investigating the role of civil society advocacy as a driver of political and regulatory change in relation to Fair Trade and Circular Economy.

Areas of expertise

Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular Economy, Fair Trade, Social Enterprise

Recent Publications

  • Anderson, M. (2018) ‘Fair Trade and Consumer Social Responsibility: Exploring consumer citizenship as a driver of social and environmental change’, Management Decision, 56 (3), 634-651.
  • Anderson, M. (2015) A History of Fair Trade in Contemporary Britain: From civil society campaigns to corporate compliance. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Dr Mark Dawson

Dr Mark Dawson portrait

Lecturer in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at York St John University

Mark Dawson worked in retail management and in local government before returning to academia to research the connection between Fair Trade and religion. His PhD at the University of Leeds looked at support for Fair Trade carried out by churchgoers, examining both the nature of the activity and the ways in which it is linked with their faith. Mark is currently planning a project that will examine the potential of action for Fair Trade is promoting cohesion between diverse sectors of the community. He is the Chair of the National Campaigner Committee of the Fairtrade Foundation and has previously served as the Coordinator of Fairtrade Yorkshire and York Fairtrade City.

Areas of Expertise

Public theology; Christian ethics and public life; theology/religion and the environment; religion and social action; religion and international development; religion and globalisation

Recent Publications

  • Dawson, M. (2020) Justice and demonstrating Christian principles: why churchgoers support Fair Trade. The Expository Times 131:8, 348-357
  • Dawson, M. (2019) Church Action for Fair Trade as Public Theology: Learning from the Experience of the Mainstreaming of Fair Trade in the United Kingdom. International Journal of Public Theology 13:1, 55-71

Dr Smirti Kutaula

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Kingston Business School

Smirti Kutaula’s research interests include Fairtrade, social enterprises, ethical consumption and sustainability. Smirti was awarded the Staff Social Entrepreneur Award in 2017, Celebrate Enterprise, an annual event which celebrates and raises the profile of enterprise and entrepreneurship across the university. She was awarded as a Green Gown Award finalist in the Staff Sustainability Champion category in 2018 for her teaching, learning and research initiatives in the area of Fairtrade and Ethical consumption. Smirti has published research in leading management journals such as Journal of Business Ethics, Management Decision, International Journal of Human Resource Management and Human Resource Management Review.

Area of expertise

Sustainability; Fairtrade consumption, Emerging markets

Recent Publications

  • Gillani, A., Kutaula, S., Leonidou, L. C., & Christodoulides, P., (2019). The impact of proximity on consumer fair trade engagement and purchasing behavior: the moderating role of empathic concern and hypocrisy. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-21
  • Gillani, A. and Kutaula, S., (2018). An introduction to special issue: sustainability and ethical consumerism. Management Decision, Vol. 56 No. 3, pp. 511-514

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