6 Fairtrade iced drinks to help you cool down this summer

6 Fairtrade iced drinks to help you cool down this summer

1. Gusto Organic

Bursting with botanicals, Gusto Organic’s range of organic, Fairtrade iced drinks are perfect for summery days. Try their original energy drink powered by Amazon guarana, African cola nut and 14 Chinese herbs for strength, focus and wellbeing.

Gusto Organic - Original Energy

Available at Ethical Superstore, Holland & BarrettDrink SupermarketFarm drop

2. Karma Cola 

Organic. Fairtrade. Groovy design. What’s not to love?

Unlike many colas, Karma does not contain artificial colouring or preservatives. Not only do you know exactly what goes into each bottle, but part of the proceeds from each drink go to cola growers’ families. So you can enjoy knowing you’re giving something back.

Karma Cola

Available at Waitrose.

3. Fair Vodka Espresso Martini

Fair espresso martini

Combine Fairtrade coffee, with Fairtrade quinoa vodka and Fairtrade cafe liqueur and you have one exceptional espresso martini! Try Fair Drinks espresso martini recipe:

Pour 35ml of FAIR. Vodka, 35ml of FAIR. Café, a shot of Fairtrade espresso & a dash of simple syrup into a cocktail shaker. Fill the cocktail shaker with ice as well and shake vigorously. Serve directly into the glass to help create a rich, smooth froth. Garnish with three Fairtrade coffee beans.

FAIR cafe liqueur from Distillers Direct

FAIR vodka from Waitrose

Where to buy Fairtrade coffee

4. Charitea

More of a tea drinker? ChariTea use only the best ingredients, and are 100% organic and Fairtrade. They’re good news for vegans too – with their mate, black and red flavours all vegan friendly. We love the infusion of iced black tea with lemon juice. It’s naturally sweetened with agave syrup and fruit juice, with the tea leaves harvested from Fairtrade plantations in Sri Lanka.


Available at Ocado and Amazon, check out ChariTea’s map to find local stores selling their drinks.

5. Starbucks Chilled Classics

Starbucks caffe latte

Just like their drinks in store, Starbucks Chilled Classic Caffè Latte is a deliciously refreshing blend of milk and Fairtrade certified Espresso Roast. The perfect drink when you need a short break in your busy day. The Chilled Classics range offers a wide range of coffeehouse inspired options : Caramel Macchiato, Skinny Latte, Signature Chocolate, Cappuccino.

Available in all main retailers across the country.

6. Marks and Spencer

Want to make your own iced coffee at home? M&S was the first major retailer to switch all its tea and coffee to Fairtrade back in 2006. This year for Fairtrade Fortnight they created a special cold-brew coffee recipe (with a dash of maple syrup for those of you with a sweet tooth.)

Marks and Spencer Cold Brew

Recipe Available at Marks and Spencer.

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