Inspiration for a Fairtrade lunchbox

Inspiration for a Fairtrade lunchbox

Fairtrade Sandwiches

Liberation crunchy peanut butter

If your school allows nut products, then try Liberation crunchy peanut butter for a very tasty choice of sandwich filler. Sourced ethically from Malawi, Mozambique, and Nicaragua, the peanuts are lightly roasted to add extra nuttiness, so there’s no need for added sugar. Buy Liberation crunchy peanut butter from Traidcraft.

Jam sandwiches anyone? Pick up a jar of Fairtrade jam from your local M&S and order from a wide selection of M&S Fairtrade jams on Ocado. Add Fairtrade jam to your Fairtrade peanut butter for an American style jam and jelly lunch.

For a treat, try the Fairtrade vegan hazelnut and chocolate spread from Vego, which is made with fine hazelnut pieces for added crunch. You could event add slices of Fairtrade banana for a delicious chocolate and banana sandwich, or skip the chocolate spread and go plain Fairtrade banana sandwich if that’s your cup of tea.

Peanut butter and banana is another common variation and even cheese and banana is good (especially when toasted so the cheese melts!).

Buy Vego hazelnut and chocolate spread from Ethical Superstore

Bees wax sandwich wrapper

Waitrose bee's wrap

Ditch the cling film and wrap your Fairtrade sandwiches in a beautifully designed, sustainable bees wax wrap.

Buy Bee’s Wrap from Waitrose

quinoa wraps

Quinola's quinoa wraps

Take a break from sandwiches with a protein-packed quinoa salad or quinoa wrap using Quinola’s Fairtrade grains. Get inspiration (and food cravings) by looking through Quinola’s recipe bank.

Buy Quinola Pearl quinoa from Ocado

Photo from Quinola’s website


banana cake

The nutritional powerhouse that tastes so good – Fairtrade bananas are sold in most major UK supermarkets. Co-op, Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s sell only Fairtrade bananas. Other supermarkets also sell Fairtrade bananas so look out for the Fairtrade stickers.

Try out our delicious Fairtrade banana cake recipe for an after school treat.

Just5 Organic apricot and almond bar

Just5 apricot and almond bar

Bursting with five 100% Organic and Fairtrade ingredients, this delicious bar makes a tasty addition to your lunchbox. All of the snack bars in the Just5 range are packed with Fairtrade fruit and nuts, and are made with just five (hence the name!) 100% Organic ingredients. Other flavour combinations include: mango and brazil nut, date and walnut, and pineapple and cashew.

Buy Just5 bars from Traidcraft

Fairtrade Dried Fruit

Zaytoun Medjoul dates

Step up your snack game with Zaytoun’s medjoul dates. Medjoul dates are known as the ‘King of dates’ due to their size and rich caramel flavour. They’re also high in fibre and potassium.

Buy Zaytoun medjoul dates from Traidcraft, Ethical Superstore and Amazon

Tropical Wholefoods offer a range of dried fruit including raisins, apricots, sultanas and pineapple. See Tropical Wholefoods’ dried fruit and nut selection

Also available from Wholefoods, Holland and Barrett, Planet Organic, Oxfam shops that sell food and Traidcraft church sales.


Hand-popped butterfly corn, sprinkled with a rich blend of Fairtrade cocoa and Demerara sugar.

Available from Ocado, Tesco, Amazon and Waitrose among others.

Chocolate Treats


Brighten up the first day of school (or any day!) with Maltesers. The standard packs, fun-size and boxes of traditional Maltesers are all Fairtrade. 

Widely available. 

Fruit juice

Greggs Fairtrade orange juice on a cloth on a mowed lawn

Greggs sells Fairtrade orange and apple juice. So on your way to school or work, if you’re lucky enough to live near a Greggs, pop in for a bottle of juice and perhaps a Fairtrade coffee or tea for the adults.

Find your nearest Greggs

Fairtrade tea and coffee

Pouring hot milk into a cup of coffee

You’re going to need some energy to put together these lunchboxes! Pour yourself a cup of Fairtrade coffee or tea to get you through the meal prepping. Widely available – always look for the Fairtrade Mark. 

Where to buy Fairtrade tea

Where to buy Fairtrade coffee

Kool Skools ethical uniforms

Kool Skools

Kool Skools source Fairtrade, organic cotton for their uniforms and the polyester in their main range is made from recycled waste such as plastic bottles. 

See if your school is on the list!

If it’s not listed, talk to your school about sourcing ethical uniforms in future and fill out Kool Skools’ sign up your school form.

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