Twitter chat with coffee producer on International Womens Day

Twitter chat with coffee producer on International Womens Day

Twitter chats have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, offering a fantastic opportunity for people from across the world to connect and have an engaging conversation online.

Next Tuesday, we want to give everyone the unique opportunity to have a ‘chat’ with Ivania, a small producer of organic coffee, from the North of Nicaragua, and a mother to 5 children. Ivania is also the coordinator of the Supervisory Board, in CECOCAFEN, and she has recently been elected the Secretary of FUNDEPPO – the organisation behind the ‘Small Producers Symbol’ (SPP).

CECOCAFEN acts as an umbrella organisation for farmers in the region to support their production and help promote and sell their coffee on the international market.

Women make up 27% of the membership of the co-operative.

Smallholder coffee farmers in three Central American countries, including Nicaragua, were found to have no guarantee of food security for 3-4 months every year.

The Twitter Q&A with Ivania will focus on the issues of food security and female farmers, and the work of Fairtrade in these areas.

Is there a better way to celebrate the role of women in Fairtrade than with a Twitter chat with a female farmer?

Please join the Q&A and spread the word about it on Twitter and other social media, by posting the below:

Twitter Q&A with Ivania, coffee producer from Nicaragua, #InternationalWomensDay, 8:30-9:30am GMT, via @FairtradeUK. Ask q’s using #FTchats

Taking part in a Twitter chat is easy and you can join in from anywhere! One thing worth to remember – when you post a question, add the hashtag #FTchats to your tweet so that both Ivania and other participants can ‘find’ your question.

Not at your desk or mobile at 8:30am GMT? Don’t worry – you can still post your question prior to the Q&A using the hashtag #FTchats.

Topic: Food insecurity and smallholder farmers, women in farming, Fairtrade
When: Tuesday 8 March, 8:30-9:30am GMT, #InternationalWomensDay
Where: @FairtradeUK, #FTchats         
Audience: anyone anywhere, including campaigners, supporters, farmers, businesses, NGO, policy makers, and coffee lovers

If you need more information, tweet us @FairtradeUkNews.