Which coffee shops near me sell Fairtrade

Which coffee shops near me sell Fairtrade

For starters, the easiest way is to ask the person making your brew if they use Fairtrade coffee or tea. Many chain coffee shops will report feedback from customers to management, and in smaller independent cafés you might find yourself in conversation with the owner – so you could make a real difference if they do decide to go Fairtrade! 

We’ve summarised a few places that we know sell Fairtrade coffee near you.

Travelling coffee

At train stations up and down the UK there are many cafés serving Fairtrade coffee. AMT Coffee is a popular stop-off for commuters and holidaymakers alike. The West Cornwall Pasty Co also serve Fairtrade if you fancy a hot drink alongside your traditional pastry.

The big ones

Almost every high street has at least one Starbucks nestled away. Luckily this global chain is committed to Fairtrade; their popular Espresso Roast is Fairtrade certified. And you won’t go far without seeing the bright bold colours of Greggs – every bean they use is 100% Fairtrade, and they also serve Fairtrade tea, hot chocolate, orange juice and apple juice!

Somewhere quiet 

Did you know that Waterstones bookshops serve Fairtrade coffee next to their neatly stacked bookshelves? And the National Trust offer Fairtrade coffee as well as tea from the lovely Clipper Teas, so you can enjoy a nice cuppa and a relaxing day out.

Off the beaten track

There’s a world of Fairtrade cafes out there that we probably don’t even know about! There’s no reason why your favourite place for a cuppa and a catch up can’t be Fairtrade – whether that’s down a side street or at the garden centre. Just don’t be afraid to ask! And if they don’t stock Fairtrade, they might go searching for it. This is a great way you can help support the thousands of farmers and workers around the world who rely on coffee for their livelihoods.

Coffee & Divine chocolate

Some of the coffee roasters we know who might sell to your local coffee shop include the delicious tea and coffee from Miles Tea, or freshly roasted beans from Owen’s Coffee roasters in Devon. 

After dinner 

Bet you didn’t know Nando’s and Pizza Hut also serve Fairtrade! Well we’re not making it up, so next time you drop in for a casual lunch or family supper, grab a coffee to round off your meal. 

In the office

Don’t forget Fairtrade when you’re at work either. And no, we don’t mean bring your own coffee with you. If you work in a big office, the canteen might already be stocking Fairtrade. Contract caterers like Sodexo, who make lunches for employees (and schoolchildren) around the country, are looking for ways they can be more sustainable. It’s worth having a chat to find out where your coffee comes from, as there might be more than meets the eye behind the scenes. Sodexo are working with Fairtrade to improve the food security and empowerment of women with coffee producers in Peru, and Bartlett Mitchell have direct links back to the farm where they source their coffee beans. 

Zeddy - coffee farmer in Kenya 2

If you spot Fairtrade coffee out and about we’d love to hear from you. You can tell us where you get your caffeine fix on social media, or if you know somewhere serving Fairtrade, join our mailing list to keep up to speed on all the latest developments.

Find out more about where to buy Fairtrade coffee.

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