Poll finds MPs want role in post-Brexit trade deals

Following publication of the government’s Trade White Paper, a new poll released today, 12th October 2017, reveals that 86% of MPs want Parliament to have a greater say and scrutiny over the UK’s new international trade and investment deals post-Brexit.
The research also found that 74% believe that reducing poverty in developing countries should be a high priority addressed by those trade agreements and 85% agree that they must strengthen, not undermine, human rights, labour rights and environmental protection in developing countries.
Under current rules, the Government can develop and ratify trade agreements with minimal input and scrutiny. There are no transparency requirements, no right of input for the public, and Parliament is not even guaranteed an affirmative vote prior to ratification. 
Tim Aldred, Head of Policy at the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “This overwhelming backing across the political spectrum for a fairer and development-friendly approach to trade, is particularly important and resonates with the government’s stated vision of a ‘transparent and inclusive’ process in the Trade White Paper, published this week. But to achieve this outcome, ministers must ensure proper scrutiny powers for all parliamentarians.”
MPs of all parties continue to support Fairtrade as consumers too, with just under half saying they either always (9%) or often (39%) purchase Fairtrade products themselves. More than 5,000 products carry the FAIRTRADE Mark, but we can all do more to help.

The representative survey of cross-party MPs was carried out by Dods Research on behalf of the Fairtrade Foundation and Trade Justice Movement to capture parliamentarians’ views on Fair Trade, poverty and protection measures for people in developing countries.
Fairtrade Foundation has been campaigning since the end of 2016 with other organisations including the Trade Justice Movement, Traidcraft, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Global Citizen and One for the UK’s post-Brexit trade deals to deliver a fair deal for millions of vulnerable farmers and workers in developing countries. 
Find out more about this campaign, which is backed by more than 50,000 members of the public, via http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/get-involved/current-campaigns/brexit

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