Statement: Green & Black’s Classic Range remains 100% Fairtrade and organic certified

The FAIRTRADE Mark has not been removed from the Classic range, and Green & Black’s is maintaining the same commitments as before by sourcing organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic.
Euan Venters, Commercial director said: “As Green & Black’s launches a new product line this month, we’re pleased that it’s continuing to offer a range of sustainably sourced chocolate to consumers. For chocolate lovers who want to enjoy fully certified Organic and Fairtrade there will be no changes to Green & Black’s Classic range.
Notes to Editors
The newly introduced Green & Black’s Velvet Edition range is based on new origins and uses beans from Ghana, which are sourced sustainably through the Cocoa Life programme.
The Fairtrade Foundation is a partner of Cocoa Life and as part of the partnership we are bringing our expertise of working with farmers to support the sustainability scheme across the previously Fairtrade certified Cadbury Dairy Milk range, all other Cadbury chocolate and the new Green & Black’s Velvet Edition range.
In November 2016, the Fairtrade Foundation announced its new global partnership with Cocoa Life as it expands across all Cadbury brands and this new Green & Black’s range, as part of its $400 million programme which aims to reach 200,000 cocoa farmers and 1 million community members by 2022. As a result, in the UK, five times as much Cadbury chocolate will now be made with cocoa that has been independently verified by Fairtrade as being sustainably sourced.