Contact our press office

Please contact the Fairtrade Foundation press office for all media enquiries 24 hours-a-day.

We can assist with setting up interviews, commenting on breaking news and events, press releases, editorial opportunities, multi-media requests and B-roll footage.

Press office

Press Office: 020 7440 7692 / 020 7440 7695  

Out of hours: 07770957451 / 07886301486


Twitter: @FairtradeUKNews


Head of Media: Eileen Maybin: 020 7440 7686

Eileen is responsible for the overall media strategy and has been with the Fairtrade Foundation since it was a small organisation of just 12 staff. She has previously worked at Christian Aid where she helped drive media campaigns on child labour, unsustainable prawn farming and landmines. 

Media & PR Manager: Martine Parry: 020 7440 7695


Please contact Martine for any media enquiries relating to consumer affairs and lifestyle and celebrity ambassadors.

Media & PR Manager: Nicola Frame: 020 7440 8597

Please contact Nicola for any media enquiries relating to the Make Bananas Fair campaign, Fairtrade retailers and brands, and policy.

Press Officer: Anna Galandzij: 020 7440 7692