Volunteering is a great tradition at Fairtrade

There is a great tradition of people volunteering with Fairtrade. And we want that to be a two-way relationship that benefits both the volunteer and Fairtrade.

As a significant number of our staff started their Fairtrade careers as volunteers, so we can promise you that you will be respected and treated as a key member of the team.

You will be assigned a supervisor from your team who will manage your tasks and give you feedback. You will have regular chances to catch up with them to raise issues. There is also a volunteering officer available to assist and support you.

We recognise that people volunteer for a variety of reasons – often to gain the skills and experience they need to secure the job they want. To help you, we run regular workshops with hints and tips on how to apply for jobs and with practice interview sessions.

As a volunteer we will provide expenses for travel and food which you can claim back either daily or weekly.

What we ask of our volunteers is that they respect our values and aims, are committed to the work they have offered to do, are reliable and punctual, and undertake work to the best of their ability.