Making your business Fairtrade

Fairtrade delivers for your business where it counts for you; your supply chains. From sourcing on Fairtrade terms to large-scale interventions and innovative partnerships, together we can tackle the biggest challenges facing the people who produce your products. The expertise we offer is built on 25 years at the head of a movement for change that partners with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade work for farmers and workers.

  • Stocking

    Stocking Fairtrade

    Customers are now more interested than ever in where their food and drink comes from, how it is grown and who by.

  • Sourcing

    Fairtrade Sourcing

    With sustainable pricing and trade at its heart, sourcing on Fairtrade terms is sourcing with integrity.

  • Expertise

    Fairtrade Expertise

    We’ve got decades of experience when it comes to connecting with farmers and workers to develop sustainability solutions and we’re eager to share.

  • Programmes

    Fairtrade Programmes

    Work with Fairtrade to bring about large-scale change for farmers, workers and their communities, while strengthening your own business.

  • Business Resources

    Business Resources & FAQs

    Make the most of working with Fairtrade using our range of business resources.