Find out where you can buy an increasing range of wonderful Fairtrade wines from South Africa, Argentina and Chile, as well as Fairtrade beers and spirits.

People drinking wineBuying Fairtrade wine helps ensure that farmers and workers are receiving a fair price – as well as an additional premium to help their community invest in essential services such as education, sanitation and health care.

Wine producers across South Africa and South America face unique economic, social and political challenges. From the legacy of apartheid in South Africa and low market prices in South America, farmers are exposed to an unpredictable future.

More than 50 manufacturers and plantations work with Fairtrade to make quality wine that makes a difference to people’s lives.

More than 20.5 million litres of Fairtrade wine was drunk in the UK in 2019. So raise your glass of Fairtrade wine  – every bottle that you buy can have an impact on the lives of the farmers and workers who grew the grapes.

Find out more about the farmers and workers behind Fairtrade wine.

Where to buy Fairtrade Wine