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After three decades, Fairtrade supporters across the UK have raised awareness of unfair trade and realised incredible achievements nationally and internationally.

In our 30th year, the issues that we are addressing through our public campaigns go to the heart of our calls for greater price and power for farmers and call for rapid action on environmental sustainability and climate justice, the most urgent issues of our time. 

Join us today and add your voice to the demand for fairer trade deals for the farmers who supply us with so much of our food. Your actions can help influence businesses and decision makers to step up and drive the change that is needed..

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Fairtrade and Climate Justice

Join the communities living with the worst effects of climate change in fighting for Climate Justice.

Fairtrade and Trade Justice

Join the farmers standing up for trade justice and a fairer future. 30 years on from the launch of Fairtrade, sign our Make Your Mark pledge to make a real difference right now.

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Fairtrade Grassroots Group

There are thousands of Fairtrade groups throughout the UK, including community groups, school groups, universities and places of worship.

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Fairtrade Fortnight

Our next Fairtrade Fortnight will be from 9 September – 22 September 2024.

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Donate or fundraise

Donate to, or fundraise for Fairtrade today and bring a fairer deal to more farmers and workers

Sell Fairtrade in your area

Every week, thousands of Fairtraders generate vital Fairtrade income for farmers by selling Fairtrade goods from market stalls, shops, places of worship and many other places. Since the closure of Traidcraft Plc, we’ve brought together alternative places to buy Fairtrade goods wholesale or in large quantities.

Historic campaigns

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