Ever wondered how many farmers and workers are involved with Fairtrade? Or how the Fairtrade Premium is used? Here’s a snapshot from our latest data. 

More than 1.7 million farmers & workers in Fairtrade certified producer organisations. Graphics of four farmers and workers coloured in pink and purple.
19% of farmers and 40% of workers in Fairtrade are Women
1,707 Fairtrade certified producer organisations in 73 countries. World map with countries where Fairtrade works highlighted dark grey.
£166.2 million in Fairtrade Premium paid to producers in 2018. Purple and grey euro notes displayed in half wheel
On average each Fairtrade producer organisation received more than £104,400 in Fairtrade Premium. Euro note with two pink farmers standing on top

Need more detail?

Our monitoring and evaluation reports have extensive information. Have a look – data can be fun! 

50% of all Fairtrade farmers produce coffee. Pink icon of coffee bean. 10 farmer icons; five pink and five grey.
40% of all Fairtrade workers produce tea. Purple icon of tea leaf. 10 farmer icons; 4 purple and 6 grey.
Workers on Fairtrade certified plantations invested 32% of their Fairtrade Premium in education services (19%) and housing improvements (13%). Icons of buildings in purple.

Small-scale producer organisations invested 50% of their Fairtrade Premium in services to members such as agricultural tools and payments to members. Pink and black text.

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