Bunches of bananas in a supermarket

Buying Fairtrade

Buying Fairtrade is easy. There are over 6,000 Fairtrade products from coffee and tea to flowers and gold. When you shop, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark. 

Want to buy Fairtrade for your business or event?

The Fairtrade Buying Guide is your essential directory for buying Fairtrade for your organisation, shop, event, office or restaurant.

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Find out where to buy Fairtrade bananas in the UK and the difference it will make to farmers and producers.


Find out where you can buy Fairtrade chocolate. Fairtrade means fairer prices and safer working conditions for farmers and workers.


When you choose Fairtrade coffee, farmers can build a better quality of life for their families and communities.


Find out what is meant by Fairtrade cotton, and where you can buy Fairtrade cotton clothes, bedlinen, towels and other homewares.


Whatever the occasion, you can say it with Fairtrade flowers. From roses to sunflowers, there are Fairtrade blooms to suit everyone.

Two Fairtrade gold rings


Buying Fairtrade Gold means you are supporting small-scale miners to receive a fair deal, as well as making life better for themselves and their communities.

Cold drinks and juice

Find out where you can buy Fairtrade-certified cold drinks, from fresh orange juice to the UK's first Fairtrade-certified kombucha brand.


Discover where to buy the best Fairtrade tea, and support farmers and workers to bring greater opportunity to their communities.

Sugar, spreads and oil

Where to buy Fairtrade store cupboard staples from sugar to peanut butter, helping to support Fairtrade farmers and workers.

Pouring Fairtrade white wine into a glass

Wine & beers

Find out where you can buy an increasing range of wonderful Fairtrade wines, as well as Fairtrade beers and spirits.

Beauty and wellness

There is a growing range of Fairtrade beauty and wellness products available on the high street, as well as online.

Herbs and spices

Whether you’re cooking, baking, or even mulling wine, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on an exciting range of herbs and spices.

Fruit and vegetables

Find out more about the growing range of fresh Fairtrade fruit and vegetables and where to find them in UK stores.