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Image credit: Ángela Ponce / Fairtrade / Fairpicture 2021

choosing fairtrade bananas

Many banana farmers and workers face dire working conditions and poverty.

But through Fairtrade, they can improve their living and working conditions. It also means they are guaranteed a minimum price.

Imagine the difference we could make if every banana sold was a Fairtrade banana.

Fairtrade banana farmer in Dominican Republic
Genevieve in a line with cocoa farmers on her farm in Cote d'Ivoire

The path to living incomes

In 2019 Fairtrade launched an ambitious three year campaign calling on governments and the chocolate industry (worth £4billion in the UK alone) to commit to paying the living income to cocoa farmers in West Africa.

Ways to get involved

In your community

With thousands of local campaigning groups across the UK, including Towns, Schools, Universities and Faith Groups, there are lots of ways to get involved with Fairtrade in your community.

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Fairtrade Facts and Figures


of fairtrade is owned by farmers

The assembly combines 50 percent producer representation with 50 percent national Fairtrade organisation representation


Over the past 25 years, shoppers have generated 1 billion Euros in Fairtrade Premium for farmers and workers


fairtrade products in the UK

Think Fairtrade is just bananas and coffee? Think again. The full list includes ice cream, face cream, gold and flowers.