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Fairtrade is probably best known for bananas, coffee, tea and chocolate. But the product range has grown tremendously in recent years in response to consumer demand, so that  Fairtrade certification now covers dozens of new products including fresh fruit, dried fruit, juices, cereals, vegetables, nuts & oils, herbs & spices and sports balls. This means thousands more farmers and workers have the opportunity to benefit from fairer terms of trade and invest additional income from Fairtrade sales in developing their businesses or improving their communities.

Our Other products

  • Pieter

    Eksteenskuil Agriculture Co-operative, South Africa

    Fairtrade certified in 2003, EAC grows three types of raisin grapes; Thompson Seedless Raisins, Golden Sultanas and Orange River Sultanas.

  • juliana sampana

    Juliana Sampana - Akoma, Ghana

    Juliana Sampana is the President of the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society (Akoma) whose members collect shea nuts for processing into shea butter.

  • Masfa

    MASFA, Malawi

    MASFA is an organisation of small-scale farmers in Malawi who produce peanuts for the export market and is also part-owner of Liberation Foods (UK Fair Trade nut company).

  • Joseph Mbusa

    MMVFA, Uganda

    Mobuku Moringa Vanilla Farmers Association (MMVFA) is an organisation of 14 vanilla producer co-operatives located in Western Uganda.