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Fairtrade pledge certificate

Use this pledge certificate to reward local organisations for their commitments to Fairtrade.

Flagship employer certificate

Reward your Flagship Employer with this template certificate.

Towns guide for working with schools

A guide for Fairtrade Towns groups wanting to work closely with schools in their area.

A4 25th birthday poster

An A4 poster for Fairtrade's 25th birthday events to download and print 

Fairtrade product images

Each zip folder has an image with a variety of backgrounds - use these to create your own materials in the Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 theme.

How to hold a media stunt

Follow these handy hints to plan a media event that goes off with a bang!

Fairtrade Towns and Communities Action Guides

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Campaigning procurement guide

Want to get more Fairtrade products in your local council, schools and universities? Read this document about public procurement to learn more.