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Our campaign for a fair cocoa trade is just beginning

One of the most inspiring aspects of Fairtrade is how much young people support the cause. Perhaps it’s because the concept of fairness is well understood in every playground; perhaps because children expect those in authority to defend abuses of power; or having grown up with social media, they are the generation most connected with the rest of the world.  

Leadership School Strengthens Women Farmers

The theme of the 2019 International Women’s Day campaign is #BalanceforBetter. A new programme, launched by the Fairtrade Network of Asia & Pacific Producers, aims to improve women’s opportunities and help redress the gender imbalance in agricultural communities.

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Asda this week pledged to source '100% sustainable' bananas from March 2016. It said 93% of its bananas would come from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms, with the remaining 7% sourced from Fairtrade-certified producers.

Atelier Swarovski first Fairtrade Gold fine jewellery collection

Atelier Swarovski will present its first fine jewellery collection in Fairtrade Gold at jewellery show Baselworld, benefitting miners and the environment in Peru.

Fairtrade reports on programme to strengthen West Africa cocoa cooperatives

When farmer co-operatives are better managed and member-focused, they are more sustainable business partners and farmers’ incomes rise. This is the theory behind an intensive programme for Fairtrade cocoa co-operatives in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, the initial results of which are being released today by Fairtrade International.

Fairtrade Premium helps community garden feed school children in Brazil

A community garden in Brazil, known as the Solidarity Garden Project, is helping to supplement the break time snacks provided by schools in rural areas with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Reaction to news that DFID is to be merged with FCO

The Fairtrade Foundation is deeply disappointed by the announcement that DFID is to be merged into the FCO.

UK shoppers help generate $41m for Fairtrade communities in 2019

Latest figures show shoppers back Fairtrade during challenging market and care more than ever about helping farmers and workers combat low prices in trade.

12 Universities have achieved Fairtrade status in nationwide Fairtrade University and College Award

Higher education institutions in England and Scotland were notified this week that they have achieved Fairtrade University status.