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Commenting on todays Which report on packaging tricks

The Fairtrade Foundation responds to report in Which? relating to cocoa.


Waitrose has announced that its entire range of own-label speciality baking sugars has been switched to Fairtrade, with small-scale farmers in Mauritius set to benefit from every bag that is sold.

Fairtrade Foundation calls for continued DFID oversight of any new trade for development spending

Responding to the recently announced government decision, to spend a portion of the aid budget through the Department for International Trade, the Fairtrade Foundation commented:

Fairtrade response to Guardian Long Read Is Fairtrade Finished

Fair trade is far from “finished”, as the millions of farmers, workers, companies and consumers who believe in making trade fair will testify. Fairtrade will only be finished when fair and equitable trade becomes the norm and not the exception.

New non gm cotton seed breeding project will protect sovereignty and biodiversity

To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Fairtrade Foundation has announced today that it has launched a three-year programme in India to grow non-GM cotton seeds, benefitting the environment, farmer’s health and commanding a higher price.

New guidance from Fairtrade boosts action to protect farmers and workers during COVID 19 pandemic

Bonn, 1 April 2020 – Fairtrade International announced increased flexibility in its standards to enable producer organisations to take immediate action to protect the health and livelihoods of farmers, workers and their communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eggstra special delivery for London hospital staff

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic it’s easy to forget that Easter is just a few days away - and with it comes the chance to forget the gloom and indulge in some Fairtrade chocolate. Divine Chocolate showed their appreciation of the great efforts that frontline medics are making to keep us all safe with this delivery of Fairtrade Easter eggs to Lewisham hospital in London.

How Fairtrade takes action to help farmers with prevention and protection

Fairtrade farmers, like many other producers in the world, are struggling, not only due to the health implications of COVID-19, but due to the negative affect the outbreak is having on the global supply chain.

Fairtrade heroes in Colombia put fairtrade together into action against the Coronavirus

This 15. April, National Banana Day, Fairtrade International is recognising Fairtrade banana producers from the Urabá region of Colombia, who have taken the #FairtradeTogether message to heart to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.