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Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 - Choose products that change lives

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015, 23 February – 8 March, will celebrate the power of everyday choices by telling the other half of a product’s story – the producer’s – to show the difference Fairtrade makes.

Response to Government Trade Bill

"The Trade Bill looks like a missed opportunity for the government to place poverty reduction at the heart of future trade deals, and to ensure open and democratic scrutiny of future trade negotiations."

Fairtrade Foundation Response To Guardian Oserian article

Response to article outlining historic issues of financial mismanagement at a Fairtrade certified flower farm.

Fairtrade Foundation Response to Cross Border Trade Taxation Bill

Fairtrade comment that the duty-free, quota-free offer of the new taxation bill could be extended.

New Fairtrade report suggests businesses should work together

Competition law can sometimes hinder, rather than help, efforts to strengthen food security, according to a new report from the Fairtrade Foundation.

Fairtrade launches unique countdown to Christmas

Fairtrade Shaving Kits, chocolate hampers, a football and £100 worth of Fairtrade flowers plus more are up for grabs this winter, helping make the lead in to Christmas all the more exciting.

Dressmann to become world leading retailer of Fairtrade cotton

Dressmann, one of the leading fashion chains for menswear in Northern Europe, is set to become the world’s biggest fashion retailer of Fairtrade certified cotton when it launches a new range of t-shirts, boxer shorts and socks.

Fairtrade conduct Awareness Programs on COVID 19 for its farmers and workers

Amidst the rising fears of our farmers, workers and producers on the rapid spread of the coronavirus resulting in close down of agricultural operations, a decline of production and loss of sales, most of the producers in Asia and Pacific Region are currently taking steps to educate its farmers and workers to create awareness and prevent the spread of COVID-19 into their communities.

Response to Trade White Paper

It is vital that we think about the UK’s future trade policy, from the point of view of those producers, many in poorer countries, who depend on the UK market for export.