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Fruity Beauties

Fruity Beauties are on a mission to provide a fun and nutritious burst of life.

Ben & Jerry's

The first ice cream maker in the world to use Fairtrade certified ingredients.


A range of high-quality organic and Fairtrade snacks.


Creating and developing a UK market for artisanal Palestinian produce.


We have been supplying natural, responsibly-sourced products since 1977.

Tropical Wholefoods

The home of Fairtrade and Organic dried fruits, nuts and snack bars.


Find out where you can buy an increasing range of wonderful Fairtrade wines from South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Lebanon, as well as Fairtrade beers and spirits.

Finca Monteflores Argentina

Finca Monteflores Argentina Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon are available to purchase from Booths.


The UK's largest retailer of Fairtrade wine.