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Farmers want to sell more product on Fairtrade terms - we must scale up

When Fairtrade campaigner Lucy Walker applied to be a Fairtrade schools mentor with People and Planet, she didn’t expect that a year later she’d be meeting producers first-hand in Ghana. In this guest blog, Lucy questions the difference that more Fairtrade could make to millions of smallholder farmers.

Fairtrade: connecting small producers with the rest of the world

2014 marks an important year for the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK: 20 years since we first saw Fairtrade chocolate, coffee and tea hit the shelves. Martine Parry, Media Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, talks about what the past two decades have meant for Fairtrade farmers and workers and what the future holds.

Winds of Change in the Philippines

My ears really pricked up when I heard about typhoon Hagupit heading towards the Philippines just over a week ago. News of such natural disasters is always heart-wrenching, but this time it was more personal. I had visited farmers in the Philippines just three weeks previously. My first thought – are they all ok? Second thought – did Eric’s greenhouse hold?

The need for wage rich prices

In 1819, UK MPs were debating a new law to outlaw the employment of very young children as chimney sweeps. Several MPs (apparently after lobbying from the Guild of Master Chimney Sweepers) raised concerns that sweepers would turn to mechanisation. They argued that the law would “deprive many people of employment, and throw a number of young persons on the parishes.”1  Better, said the opponents, to employ a large number of children - in very poor working conditions, than to offer them no work at all.

International Tea Day

Fairtrade is enabling farmers and workers in the tea sector to tackle some of the challenges they face and bringing benefits to their communities. With an estimated 165 million cups of tea consumed in the UK on a daily basis, it would be easy to think that every day is International Tea Day.  However, since 2005, International Tea Day has officially been observed on 15 December, giving us an opportunity to reflect on the impact of an industry that millions of farmers and workers across the globe depend on for their livelihood.

Meringue Girls' Fairtrade Pavlova Letters Recipe

To celebrate World Baking Day, try this amazing Meringue Girls’ pavlova letters recipe, packed with delicious Fairtrade ingredients. 

Fairtrade safety net more critical than ever for coffee producers facing further uncertainty due to COVID-19

Farmers and workers in the global south are often living on thin margins even during 'normal' times. 

Baking without the basics: 8 tasty egg and flour free recipes

As the UK’s seventh week of lockdown draws to a close, you may be coming to the end of your quarantine tether.

5 ways Fairtrade farmers help protect flora and fauna

Tackling climate change is at the heart of the fair trade movement, as it threatens the livelihoods of those we are working to protect.