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Community is at the heart of the Fairtrade movement

Over the past few months, we have seen the power and importance of community across the world. 

Fairtrade cocoa farmers take action to keep safe from COVID-19 with support from business partners

The COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted just how connected we all are, not just in our towns and cities but also across the world. 

COVID-19: A global challenge requires a global solution

At Fairtrade, our mission is to help farmers and workers in some of the world’s poorest countries to get a better deal and escape poverty. We’re deeply worried that this virus will devastate the communities we work with – not only because of its impact on people’s health, but also the very real possibility that containment measures will cause widespread hardship to people’s incomes and wages.

COVID-19 responses must include key workers abroad

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the fragility of global supply chains and the importance of ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the farmers and workers within them.

Fairtrade date and cranberry energy balls

Tom Hunt shares his delicious and nutritious homemade energy balls recipe.

Homemade Fairtrade Almond Milk Recipe

Add a splash of sustainability to your cereal with this delicious, nutritious and fair homemade vegan milk.

7 ways shoppers are acting more sustainably

People are beginning to think differently when it comes to grocery shopping. Not only are we thinking about price, we are also starting to consider how the product was made and the impact it has on both people and the planet.

10 Fairtrade products you didn't realise were vegan

Whether you're looking to gradually introduce more plant-based foods into your diet, already vegan, or one of the ever-increasing number of people who have committed to Veganuary (we're impressed!), there are plenty of choices to go vegan and Fairtrade! Here are 10 fantastic Fairtrade and vegan products to get you started.

Mother's Day Gifts: Sustainable Flower Bouquets by Post

Make a difference to the lives of many when you send Fairtrade flowers this Mother's Day.