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Becoming a Fairtrade university

Everything you need to know about how to become a Fairtrade university or college.

Stocking Fairtrade at your university

Students can encourage their institution and its student union to stock Fairtrade goods, food and drink wherever possible.

Top tips for Fairtrade universities

Not sure where to start your campaign to achieve Fairtrade University or College status? Here are our top tips to get you started.

Fairtrade Campaign Awards 2016

The annual Fairtrade Campaign Awards recognise the amazing creativity, effort and impact of grassroots campaign groups who bring Fairtrade Fortnight to life each year in communities across the UK.

Fairtrade Campaign Awards 2015

Thank you to everyone who entered. The winners of the Fairtrade Campaign Awards 2015 were announced at the national supporter conference on Saturday 17 October. 

Regional Supporter Conferences

Regional conferences bring campaigners together to explore current Fairtrade campaigns and issues, share ideas, challenges and strengthen relationships with others in the area.

National Campaigner Committee

The NCC is a group of elected Fairtrade campaigners who each represent a region of the UK.


Join the network of campaigners promoting Fairtrade across the UK in their communities.