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Fairtrade coffee: Environmental sustainability

This report examines environmental sustainability in fair trade coffee production. The content is based on interviews conducted during a field trip by the Fairtrade Foundation to five Fairtrade certified coffee organisations in Central America.

Sugar commodity briefing

Around 80 per cent of the worlds sugar is derived from sugar cane, grown by millions of small-scale farmers and plantation workers in developing countries. This briefing offers an overview of the sector and explores why Fairtrade is needed and what it can achieve.

Monitoring the Scope and Benefits of Fairtrade

This report, now in its Sixth Edition, gives the results of the 2013 monitoring data collection from Fairtrade certified producer organizations. It presents the scope and scale of Fairtrade in 2013, and gives data on key Fairtrade performance indicators—from a producer perspective. The report also captures the results of more detailed research about the impacts of Fairtrade.

Fairtrade impact on worker empowerment in Ecuadorian flower plantations

2014 This study was commissioned to investigate the ways in which workers on three Fairtrade-certified flower plantations in Ecuador understand and define ‘empowerment’ for themselves, their families, and their co-workers. The study attempts to understand to what extent Fairtrade has promoted these notions of empowerment. 

Response to Fairtrade's impact on poverty reduction through rural development

2012 Response from the commissioning agencies TransFair Germany and Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) to an Independent Impact Study on Fairtrade conducted by CEval - Assessing the Impact of Fairtrade on Poverty Reduction through Rural Development 

An Evaluation of Fairtrade Impact on Smallholders and Workers in the Banana Sector in northern Colombia

2014 A study on the impact of Fairtrade certification for banana-growing smallholders and their cooperatives in the Magdalena Department and for hired workers in banana plantations in the Urabá region, in northern Colombia.