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Current campaigns

Find out about our current campaigns and join us in demanding a fair deal for farmers and workers. 

Discover Fairtrade Gold

An estimated 16 million small scale miners work in dangerous conditions around the world to provide gold that may end up on our high streets. Exploited by some middle men, and forced to handle hazardous chemicals such as mercury, small scale mining is a harsh and precarious way to earn a livelihood that often leaves miners living in poverty. You have the power to do something about this – by buying, and promoting, Fairtrade Gold. 

Find out more about Fairtrade Sourcing Programs

You may be aware that Fairtrade International has recently launched a new scheme, that works alongside our existing model, to enable producers to sell more cocoa sugar and cotton on Fairtrade terms. It’s called Fairtrade Sourcing Programs (FSP).

Fairtrade Fortnight

Each year for two weeks over February and March, Fairtrade puts a spotlight on trade through our Fairtrade Fortnight campaign. Together with the Fairtrade farmers and workers, and campaigners up and down the country, we highlight the difference fair trade can make to lives and communities.

Fairtrade Fortnight for Businesses

Fairtrade Fortnight is the perfect opportunity to talk about why you support Fairtrade and the impact that it can have.

Meet the Fairtrade Farmers

Meet the people at the heart of Fairtrade - the Fairtrade farmers and workers. The people behind some of our favourite food and drinks. 

Choose Fairtrade

Come back soon - our special Fairtrade Fortnight film will launch on Friday 24 February. In the mean time, here's a short sneaky peek...

How to put Fairtrade in your break

When we reach for our favourite food and drink each day without thinking about where it comes from, we may be feeding exploitation. We become part of the problem.