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Outcomes template

This document is a guide for unions on how to complete the outcomes section of the Fairtrade University & College Award (OT001-OT004) in order to help you gain the maximum amount of points. Please use the template and upload this as evidence for the outcomes section. This section is to help improve the monitoring and evaluation of your campaigns/work and may be a useful approach to help evidence and communicate the union’s impact to a variety of audiences (the university, prospective students, funders etc).

SMART Action Plan

This is a template for your SMART action plan (criteria LD002). This is a mandatory requirement and should be used to outline clear targets for the year (and beyond), with accountability for who is responsible for what. Your SMART action plan should be a collaborative, living document shared with all those involved in your working group, including senior management.

FTUC peer-review template

This supporting document helps you to plan for your peer-review of another organisation should you choose Research & Curriculum criteria, RC004. You can set up a peer-review informally with another partnership, or contact Rachel at for support in linking up with another partnership.

Social Media Guide

This guide offers some top tips on how to increase the reach of your campaign using four of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Criteria Overview

This document outlines the criteria of the 2018-19 Fairtrade University & College Award. If you are already enrolled in the programme, then the criteria is also available on our online toolkit with further information on how the criteria will be audited. The online toolkit also allows participants to monitor their progress and upload evidence and comments.

Response to Fairtrade Bananas: a Global Assessment of Impact

2010 Summary and Management Response to 'Fairtrade Bananas: a Global Assessment of Impact'