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Fairtrade 25th birthday quiz

Four rounds of Fairtrade related quiz questions to celebrate 25 years of the FAIRTRADE Mark. 

Fairtrade producer images

Use these images of Fairtrade producers, along with a crib sheet about each person, to build your own promotional materials. There are images of each producer in different formats (web and print) for your use.

Press release Fairtrade Town milestone template

Use this press release template to celebrate a special milestone as a Fairtrade Town (e.g. 10 year anniversary) and publicise your activities in the area.

Fairtrade breakfast product illustrations zip file

Use these images of Fairtrade breakfast products to create your own promotional resources.

Fairtrade 25th Anniversary Assembly

This year we’re celebrating 25 years of the FAIRTRADE Mark and all of the achievements that this represents. This assembly highlights some of the important things that the FAIRTRADE Mark means.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 producer images and quotes

Images and quotes from producers for you to use in your own materials. A zip file contains jpeg images in high and low resolutions, with quotes in the notes section of a PPT presentation