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Where Fairtrade needs to do more

Fairtrade is an evolving system committed to learning how our approach can improve to make a bigger difference for farmer and worker communities in developing countries.

The difference that Fairtrade makes

Emerging evidence through impact assessments has found that Fairtrade can make a significant difference to farmers’ and workers’ lives.

How Fairtrade monitors and measures impact

Fairtrade has a committed programme of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) that supports learning and improvement.

The History of Fairtrade

2019 marks 25 years since Fairtrade certified products first became available to buy in the UK. Here we take a look back over the Fairtrade timeline from when it was established in 1992 right up to the 25th annviversary of the FAIRTRADE Mark, which we celebrate in 2019. 

Social and annual reports

Find out how we've been doing - read our social and annual reports here.

South West Fairtrade Supporter Conference

We would love you to join us at the South West Fairtrade Supporter Conference. Taking place in Exeter Community Centre, Exeter, 10:30am - 3.30pm on Saturday 21 September!

National Campaigner Committee

The NCC is a group of elected Fairtrade campaigners who each represent a region of the UK.