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Using the Mark as a business

All businesses need to know about using the FAIRTRADE Mark.

What Fairtrade does

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

Terms and Conditions

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For business

By putting the FAIRTRADE Mark on your products, stocking Fairtrade goods or serving them to your customers you can demonstrate your ethical commitment to your customers, have a positive impact on the producers of the commodities with which you work and get closer to your supply chain.

Ways of working with Fairtrade

With so many ways to work with us, Fairtrade is good for business.

How to stock Fairtrade

Customers are now more interested than ever in where their food and drinks are from, how they are grown and who by. 

Fairtrade in your workplace

You can change the world simply by offering Fairtrade products to your staff and visitors in your workplace and you can celebrate your commitment by becoming a Fairtrade Workplace of Worldchangers.

Fairtrade Sourcing Programs

New ways to source Fairtrade cotton, cocoa and sugar.

Using Fairtrade within my brand

Find out how you can tell your Fairtrade story and get the most out of your partnership with us.